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Home Decor Series (Rings holder)

Women love to wear accessories, but they need some holders to place those accessories as well. And as of rings,  i guess , they are especial. Especially , if they are given by some special person. We casually take off our rings , while washing our hands or when we are back from a party.  some times we put it in our closet and sometimes we just forget after taking it off. Well, no worries now. Because , there are some unique ring holders , which i am about to share.

1.   Umbra Muse Ring Holder – Eiffel Tower Design – Made of Durable Cast-Metal – Beautiful Chrome-Plated Finish – Jewelry Organizer to Hold and Display Rings & Earrings – Great Gift Idea – 3”x1.5”x1.5” :

Ring holders are designed for every one , who likes to wear rings every day. But , we might be afraid of losing our highly prized , gold , platinum , Diamond or silver rings either in a sink or toilets.   More over if you are recently engaged, and  casually don’t wear any rings, but are paranoid about those precious rings, then don’t worry.

Well, speaking of Eiffel tower, i guess , it’s one of the most romantic places in the world. Further more , it symbolizes love and passion with grace . This “Umbra Muse Ring Holder” is in the shape of Eiffel Tower.

Which adds a nice addition to your dresser . The umbra holder for rings is  made up of cast-metal with a sparkling chrome-plated finish. An Eiffel shape from the Muse family of ring holders which is  designed by Alan Wisniewsk .


  • Made of Durable Cast-Metal Materials
  • Beautiful Shiny Copper-Plated Finish
  • Can Be Placed in the Dresser, Bedside, or at the Sink
  • Non-Tarnishing Finish
  • Holds and Displays Jewelry
  • Can Also Be Used for Earrings
  • Best for Multiple Ring Organization
  • A Great Gift Idea for All Occasions
  • Measurement: 3” x 1 ½” x 1 ½” Inches

2.  kody Elephant Ring Holder for Jewelry and Rings, Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Display :

Have you ever wonder where to put your rings or rubber bands while you are pooping or cleaning dirty diapers? The Kody Elephant ring holder is sturdy yet probably won’t cause cancer. If you are not a total goofball, you may be able to figure out other things to put on it, even though the instructions do not list them.It can be used for putting on rubber bands as well as rings.

This ring holder is in the cute little elephant shape,which seems delicate.  Also it can be  put anywhere In the house, where ever you would take off your jewelry. It totally depends on you ,either you have it on your window in the kitchen or on the bed room’s side table.  it’s a perfect touch to the kitchen and great when ever you need to take off your rings.

It’s specification except for being cute and adorable is , it’s durable.It stands solidly and does not tip over. It is plastic but looks like porcelain.  More over it’s just big enough to do its own job .
It’s one of the best gifts you could give to your mom, daughter ,friends or sisters. Believe me! they would all love it.

kody Elephant Ring Holder for Jewelry and Rings, Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Display

3.Swan Jewelry Ring Holder Dish, Engagment Wedding Gifts,White :

Speaking of swan’s , well, they are regarded as a symbol of loyalty and eternal feeling. People often use swans to compare loyal and unswerving love. What if we could see this  magical creature every day? it would be fascinating … right? Well ! this  specific ring holder , is in the shape of swan.

This specific ring holder also have a dish along with its long neck. It is Crafted from great quality glazed ceramic and is well packed with styrofoam and white box . And the plus point is ,that it cannot be easy broken .So, you can keep your engagement or wedding rings on the neck of the swan, while small jewelry like ear rings  or fragile chains can be placed in the dish.


Leave it by the sink or kitchen to collect your rings as you wash your hands or put it on the nightstand to place your rings as you get ready for bed  .

4.  WELL-STRONG Earring Ring Holder Necklace Bird Decoration Jewelry Tower Tree Girl Bronze :

This  uniquely-designed jewelry tree is cute and functional, with an antique bird on the top and a dish in bottom.Moreover it holds  precious  jewelry like ear rings, brecelets and rings for us, so that we could not lose our expensive accessories.And the plus point is that,  In the branches of the tree, you can hang  earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories on the branches. And you can also place some small items such as rings, rings, watches on the dish.

the tree  is seperatable from the dish.  This jewelry tower is made of iron and it makes your jewelry tree more stable and durable.  This jewelry tower is suited for anywhere as you want to use it. Like dressing room,
bathroom, on the dresser/counter and so on.

5.  Keebofly Jewelry Organizer Display Stand Tree-Jewelry Display Stand Tree Ring Tray to Organize Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings Watches, White: 

A unique branch shape, each hook represents your jewelry habitat and can hold your bracelet, bracelet, earrings, rings and more. The design is elegant and beautiful, durable in function and large in storage capability and strong in carrying capability.

The center of the tree is inlaid with a crystal to bring life to the product. The rod and the tray are tightly connected, so that the structure is stable and not easy to loose. The small screws in the middle can fix and adjust the height of the rod, also can be adjusted the height according to the length of your jewelry. It can be put on your dressing table, in shopping malls boutiques, which make your environment around you more special.

The tree-themed design shows an alternative jewelry tree. The arc of the hook is made in proportion. It will be elegantly and comfortably placed with your bracelet, earrings, rings, watches, lipstick and more. Further more  It is not just a jewelry display, but also like a collection of fashion art- black shows the elegance, white is luxury, though plain.

It brings beauty to your life, and urge on you to pursue a beautiful attitude in the meantime.Diversity in appearance. It can provides you with ample storage space for such as necklace, earrings, lipstick, watch, etc. The height of the different branches can accommodate the different length of the jewelries. The bottom tray also provides a convenient place for ring, brooch, pin and other small pieces.

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