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best toys under 25$

Christmas is the source of happiness , prosperity , joy and entertainment, but kids mostly look forward to gifts. So here is the list of top 5 amazon toys, for the kids of age 3 and above.

1. Tonka Classic steel Mighty Dump truck FFP :

A dump truck is the toy of 80’s and 90’s kids , and is still popular within the 20’s kids . This truck is used for carrying , or you can say pulling the load of goods to a certain place. Infact, this specific “Tonka classis steel mighty dump truck” is built for hauling. This sturdy ,  steel construction vehicle is ready for toughest loading jobs. Move the bed up and down to trigger its unloading action.

The indicated  dumping truck toy is a practical and innovative way to make your child improve their fine and gross motor skills, including the improvement of their pincer grip.  Dump truck is a durable toy that can be played with inside or outside.  Either your kids  want it to carry their t.v remote , or  pencil box , or any sort of grass, pebbles or dirt.  Kids can enjoy any sort of play , because  It is designed to handle all the rough play. I must say that ,This toy is great for imaginative play as it encourages your little one to pretend they’re working on a construction site.

In this truck, basically yellow part is steel , but the rims are exception , because they are made up of plastic , also, the whole black portion of the truck is also made up of plastic.  Where the black piece between the exhaust pipe and the cab is the registration of an air filter  for engine.


2. LEGO city ATV Race team 60148:

Racing is one the most thrilling games ,so get ready to race with your LEGO city ATV Race team . Because this set features:


  • two ATV’s (means all-terrain vehicle ) ,
  • a pickup truck ,
  • trailer hitch(which levels the load),
  • pickup bed with adjustable ramp
  • a detachable trailer with adjustable ramp  along with helmets, feul barrels, and a spare tire includes two mini figures.

Lego set is kind of puzzle , which have to be solved .Kids have to combine all the pieces, before they play with it. And most importantly ,it takes both time and effort.

This Lego set has almost 239 pcs packed in different bags . One of the  bags contains the parts of two ATV’s which are very small and simple builds , they are almost identical .  The only difference between them , is their color. And  also two figures , which are mostly male and a female.

And the other bags have the pieces of pickup truck which have the room to load one of the ATV’s . Plus it have ramps in the back, which hold the ATV in a proper position . Further more  the pieces of trailer, which can be attached with the truck. And this trailer also have the capacity to put on a gas cylinder, a tire and an ATV vehicle. It can be detached from the truck.

3. Candy Land the world of sweet game :

Candy land is a simple fun board game for people of all ages. It features 4 ginger bread man as movers also entail 44  colorful cards. In this game , we have to start down the magical road to sweet surprises.

Pieces Of Game:  

This magical candy land have different pieces . We will start from the board. Eight locations are specified on the board along with the colorful winding pathway from start to finish. There are purple, yellow, orange ,blue , red, green and pink squares which make up the path way . Some spaces have “Licorice” on them. Because of the evil “Lord Licorice” , who rules the Licorice forest . Which means that the player have to pickup the specific color again, before they can advance in the game.

The pink squares symbolize the candy land locations. There’s the ginger read tree, Mr. Mint’s peppermint forest, the gumdrop mountain which is the home of jolly . Along with Grandma Nutt’s peanut brittle house , princess Lollie’s lollies forest , the ice cream sea with princess Kristine . Addition to the Floppy who is molasses monster of the chocolate swamp . And Finally the candy Castle where the players are congratulated by “king Candy”  .

Plus there are also two secret crossings, that is “Rainbow trail” , which allows players to get ahead or catch up with other players. There are also cards , which have double colors , which allow to move more than one spaces at a time .

Rules :

  1. Two or more than two players can play this game at a time.
  2. But maximum four players can participate.
  3. Players have to draw cards one by one
  4. And then move on the first color of the board , according to the card
  5. If someone draws a card with double colors, he/she have to move forward ,two times on that specific color
  6. The one who reaches first to “King” , wins the game.

 4.Light bright magic screen toy:

Most fun way to create art,  is when we create it with light. Lite Brite Create With Light 150 Peg. The picture templates call for both square and round pegs in their designs.  4 reusable template toy offers kids ages 4 and older the ability to create their own endless designs. This version offers 4 light effects. If there is no trigger 5 minutes after turning on the Lite-Brite, it will turn off to help save battery life. Three (3) AA batteries required are not included.

It does not have a separate stand. The sides are square, and thick enough that it can stand upright on its own. It comes with four scenes like , 4 Reusable Templates which involve  Boys Rock, BFF, Go and Girls Rule .


Lite-Brite lets kids create images with light. Now with fresh new features including new character shaped pegs and reusable templates. Create your own endless designs. The screen blocks the light. Press the button for light effects. Includes: 200 fun shaped pegs, 6 reusable templates and detachable storage container.

Just like the original but updated for the new generation of art lovers, Lite Brite delivers the popular & magical art of light with templates and round pegs that shine bright with light. The white screen, all round pegs and 2 art templates included will help you build beautiful art pieces that glow bright with light.

The light comes in 4 different glowing effects from blinking to pulsing. Turn off the lights for the ultimate effect. Comes with Unit, 156 pegs and 2 templates. Art Guide included provides more artworks to follow.

Create your own art masterpiece with a 4 way light show using 156 colorful pegs and 2 inspirational templates to follow. Watch it light-up in 4 different light-ways from blinking to pulsing

5. Lego Friends Emma’s Art Stand 41332 Building set (210 pcs)

Use the scooter to tow LEGO Friends 41332 Emma’s Art Stand wherever you like with this cool toy for kids. It has double windows that open as a sales hatch, various artwork tiles, a cash register, Heartlake City Park map and a bed for Emma’s cat. Lift off the roof or swing open the entire back of the trailer for easy play inside. There’s also a separate area with an easel and stool next to a tree. Includes a mini-doll figure plus cat figure.

Tow your paintings!

Tow the art stand to Heartlake City Park or drive around on the scooter to visit friends.

The sale is starting!

Open up the art stand in three different ways for easy play inside.

So many cool pictures!

Swing open the window to show the paintings Emma has for sale today and help her operate the cash register.

Swap clothes and hair!

Friends mini-dolls are buildable so you can swap clothes and body parts to build your own.

Nap time!

Time to feed Chico the cat and put her on the bed for a nap.

The fun starts right away!

The set comes with easy instructions and separate pre-packed bags so kids don’t have to build the whole set to start playing.



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