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Best office chairs 2018 (Apr.)

Top 10 Best office chairs 2018 (Apr.)

Here is the list of best office chairs 2018.

Office or workplace is such a place where one has to spend minimum 8 hours a day. Whether by working all the time or by getting spare time in mid of it. No matter what type of office is it or what type of business, the workplace includes a specific environment which is known as the workplace environment. This is done by the help of specific things like furniture including tables and chairs etc. On this platform we are going to deal with the office chairs which plays a vital role in carrying out the particular office work.

It is very much necessary to have high-quality and comfortable chairs in office because if you are not able to sit properly in your office then you can’t work in a proper way. It is obvious that if your chair is not in a good shape then you will not able to sit on it for eight hours all the way. If your office chair is of poor quality then it may cause you a lot of problems like cardiovascular pain, neck pain or joints pain etc. This is the main reason that why you need an ergonomic chair for your office which will ensure comfort.

It is a very interesting fact that when people are organizing their office, they may think about the color combinations and types of office furniture, but they may not focus on the quality of the furniture required. This is also a reason behind the inappropriate environment of a workplace. When a chair is designed in an efficient way especially for the professional environment, then it will fulfill its requirement. The ergonomic or efficiently designed chair will provide complete comfort and improved focus for the consumer who has to sit on it in his/her working hours. Then it comes a variety of office furniture which has following types.

  • Computer Chair
  • Computer Tables
  • Racks
  • Meeting tables
  • Desk Chair

It is to be known that there are variety of chairs available in the market which looks good apparently but when it comes on its usage then those chairs are not good at all. The Mesh chair is a type of chair which comes in such category which seems good and stylish, but it is not comfortable for continuous usage.

Such type of chairs is usually stiff and don’t provide that level of comfort and focus which is required in an office to work. These types of chairs are usually abrasive to your clothes and skin as well. This is very itching and disturbing as well and doesn’t allow an employee to work with complete focus.

On the other hand, there are a lot of benefits if you have comfortable and ergonomic chairs in your office. Having such chairs in your office will obviously reduce employees absenteeism, they will be able to focus on the jobs assigned to them. This will help to generate job satisfaction in them as well because they will be able to work in a relaxed and professional environment.

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1High Back Executive Chair
2The Herman Miller Embody Chair
3The amazing steel case gesture chair, Graphite
4Haworth Zody Chair
5SteelCase leap Fabric Chair
6Herman Miller Sayl Chair
7Serta Mid back office chair
8Alera  Elusion Swivel Chair
9White Ergonomic leather Chair by GM Seating
10Ergohuman by Eurotech

1. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair - Black

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair - Black


One of the greatest Leather office chair which is made of high-quality material. As it seems, this is really a quality chair to have in an office. These types of chair normally we used to see in banks and other offices where the staff has to keep on working all the time. These are very comfortable chair and allows you to relax and stay focused on your work. This chair seems to be very good-looking and ergonomic one that it will provide a soothing or comfort to its consumer. This amazing chair has following features….

Leather and PVC

            This comfortable executive chair is made with black leather and PVC. It is of high-quality which confirms its durability and reliability. It looks so classy. The upholstery of chair is very smooth which covers the padded seat cushions as well. In addition to it, gentle curve arm rests are also provided for complete support.

Height Adjustment

            Such executive office chair comes with amazing feature of height adjustment and contains smooth rolling casters as well. It has 360-degree swivel as well. This chair is fully adjustable as per desire. It contains curved contours which helps to keep your back supported and in a posture in which you will not get tired by sitting all the time.


            This classy black office chair weighs about 35.3 pounds.

360-Degree Swivel & Nylon Casters

            Such high-back executive chair contains durable nylon casters which allows you mobility. This means you can move from one table to another by keep on sitting on your chair easily.


            This amazing chair comes with one-year limited warranty. So, if your chair gets damaged from somewhere then you can have it repaired.

  • It is a very stylish high back leather seated chair which enables complete comfort and support.
  • The leather and PVC upholstery are of high-quality that enables durability.
  • You can move it from one place to other because of its durable casters.
  • Its height is adjustable, so you can adjust as per the height of your table and your required height.
  • Padded seat.
  • It weighs a bit high.
  • This chair comes only black in color.
  • It covers a lot of space.

To conclude, we can say that this is a pretty nice chair to have in an office. It looks classy and adjustable which means people of different choices will also feel comfortable with it. Its padded seats provides extreme comfort and modern style which enables a classic environment which an office must have.


2. Herman Miller Embody Chair - Graphite Frame/Black Rhythm Textile

Herman Miller Embody Chair - Graphite Frame/Black Rhythm Textile


This chair is one of those best chairs in the world which are specifically designed for great health benefits. It has a great and good-looking design which enables healthy circulation and allows its consumer to sit on it for a long time. It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t enables a tiring affect on your back and spine. The embody chair is professionally designed as engineers and physicians were consulted before its manufacturing to clear up all stages of comfort and perfect designing.

Such chair is one those chairs which has won awards. It has won Prestigious Silver award from NeoCon and a Best of Tech award as well.

Amazing Color schemes

            This great office chair comes in a lot of color schemes. This provides you a vast opportunity for selecting that scheme which perfectly suits with your office environment.

Ergonomic Design

            Herman Miller Embody chair has a very ergonomic design which enables stimulation of blood and oxygen flow. It helps to stay focused and relaxed so that you can keep your work in an efficient way.

Best for Computer use

            Such amazing chair is best to use as a computer chair because most of the time people doesn’t notice about time when they sit in front of computer for working. It enables comfort and easiness and will not let you feel tired all the time.

Air circulation

            It has a very stylish and good-looking textile covering which allows air circulation and keeps you cool all the time. This amazing feature allows you to be cool and in this way you can sit on it for long.


            When life of this chair comes to an end and it is no longer be able to use, then you don’t have to worry at all, this chair is fully recyclable.


            This Herman Miller Embody office chair offers 12-year warranty.  

  • One of the best and comfortable chair with ergonomic design.
  • Variety of insignias are available.
  • Height is easily adjustable.
  • You can control its leaning as well.
  • Enables lumbar support too so if you have back problem then this chair is best for you.
  • Well-built with high-quality material.
  • People may find it expensive sometime.
  • The textile surface of this chair may disturb some people.
As a whole, this is a nice office chair. There are a lot of platform which are offering office chairs for sale but be careful about the frauds who takes money for the original one and provides products of low quality. This is an ergonomic and comfortable chair to have in an office which allows you to work in a satisfactory environment and conditions.

3. Steelcase Gesture Chair, Graphite



One of the greatest and finest quality chair which comes in a steel case. It is a modern looking office chair which is designed to present a very soothing and comfortable posture for the consumer. No matter, what size of body is sitting on it, it has the capacity to be adjusted and will support it in a firm manner. It supports back and neck, so in this way one will not get tired by sitting on it for a long time. It has a tremendous and exclusive LIVEBACK technology which automatically adjusts it as per the requirement of your body.

It is adjustable as per your spin and neck. This is a professionally designed office chair because its armrest are designed in such a way which allows multiple postures to sit in. most of the chair, don’t offer movement at all, but this chair is best for every type of movement.


            This chair is fully adjustable, so you don’t have to take tension about your back and spine. Its height and depth is controlled with a knob located beneath it and the other knob is used to control its leaning.

Steel case

            Such amazing chair has a strong Steelcase which makes it more former, stronger and durable.

Comfortableness at its best

            This chair is designed to provide complete comfort and support. No matter if you work for the whole day by sitting on it, you will not get tired.

The Equalizer

            The lumbar support provided by this amazing chair is exemplary because it contains torsional spring which is adjustable by the angle of seat.

Remarkable Bolstering

            The gesture chair has amazing air pockets in its seat which provides high level of comfort for the number of users.

It is a great chair to be placed in office and it presents a stylish look and will impose a remarkable impression on your clients. It offers high level comfort and relaxation so that you can keep on doing your work with great focus and determination.


4. Zody Chair by Haworth

Zody Chair by Haworth


You may have seen a lot of high back office chairs but this is the only one chair which has got the endorsement from American Physical Therapy Association. It is basically a German designed chair which provides a great experience, if it is included in office furniture. Zody is the best chair which it comes to support the lower back and conformation of your body. Its design enables you to sit in natural posture, so that you can sit in same pose for longer time.

This chair offers pelvic support and lumbar support as well in a very independent way. Its armrests are also adjustable and overall the height and tilting functionality is also available.

Easily adjustable

            This amazing chair can be used as computer chair because it offers ease of adjusting. Its adjustable points are labelled, and it provides three points of tilting. So, in this way you can set up your chair as per your desired tilt position.


            Zody is professionally designed as it offers maximum comfort and sustainability. Its lumbar adjustment functionality offers great support for lower back.

The 4-D arms

            This high-quality office chair contains unique and comfortable armrests which are adjustable in four-way. This function offers enhanced support.


            Most of the time, people doesn’t know about the functionality of products they are using. Same is the case with such chairs as well. But in case of this chair, it is labelled, and each functionality is described in great way so that you can use them easily.

It’s a great chair to be sit in office for number of hours. If you are looking for a comfortable and ergonomic chair then this is the one, which you are looking for.


5. Steelcase Leap Chair, Grey Fabric

Steelcase Leap Chair, Grey Fabric


There are a lot of Steel case chairs available in the market which are getting sold on high rates. Many people can’t afford those chairs but that don’t mean that you have to sit on low-quality chairs. Such Steelcase leap fabric chair is the one which should be your choice all the way. It is one of the best and perfectly designed ergonomic chair which is reliable and offers complete comfort.

You may have listened about the latest LIVEBACK technology in chairs. This chair contains that patented technology which ensures the conformation of your body. You don’t have to worry about your back because it offers great support and comfort. This chair automatically gets adjusted when you are changing position while sitting on it.

Such amazing features allows your back and neck, pain free. No other chair gets automatically adjusted as per your posture or position like this chair does. 90cent material of this chair is recyclable so if your chair completes its life, you can get it recycled.


            From upper back to lower back, this chair is fully flexible. This feature makes it comfortable because it gets adjustable as per your position. The edge of seat and armrests too are flexible. The price range in which this chair is available, you can’t get any chair of such specifications and features.

Livelumbar Technology

            The flexibility or flexes of this chair are due to Livelumbar technology which offers comfort and support.

Glide System

            The natural glide system of this seat is the best feature as compared to other ones. When you move forward, the seat glides forward way and this thing allow you to reach your work in a good way. This thing enables that you can put up less load on your spine.


            This chair is made of high quality material, so you don’t have to worry about its durability and reliability.

Now, comfort is everything. If your chair is not comfortable at all then you wont be able to focus on your work. That’s why to conclude we can say that this chair can be proved as a good choice for your office furniture.


6. Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair: Tilt Limiter - Stationary Seat Depth - Stationary Arms - Standard Carpet Casters - Black Base & Frame

Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair: Tilt Limiter - Stationary Seat Depth - Stationary Arms - Standard Carpet Casters - Black Base & Frame


Herman Miller is known to design and manufacture the ergonomic design and comfortable office chairs. This is a uniquely designed chair which comes in a very delighting price range. It comes in various color schemes. This chair is built of recyclable material.

This chair is designed by taking inspiration from the Golden gate bridge which makes it so unique and innovative. It is designed by keeping in mind to carry massive loads as well. The white fabric of this chair is supported with a Y-Tower. This makes it a white office chair with a greatly unique design. It anchors the unique suspension fabric in place.

A great art

            Its unique design and manufacturing has made this chair famous because it is a great piece of art and sophisticated engineering. Not only this, ergonomic design of this chair is phenomenal.

Fixed arms

            The armrests of this chair are not flexible or moveable.

Color Schemes

            Variety of colors are available for this chair. So feel free to select any color of your choice.

For the people who love art facts and unique things, this chair will be the best choice. It has a great and unique appealing design. have this chair in your office and implement a great impression on your clients.


7. Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair with Back in Motion Technology, Black Bonded Leather

Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair with Back in Motion Technology, Black Bonded Leather


We have seen so many high back office chairs but this is a mid-back office chair which is offering high quality comfort. The amazing lumbar support of this chair makes it phenomenal in the provision of comfort and supporting of your back.

It’s a very uniquely designed and quality chair which can provide you great sitting experience. It contains modern designed push buttons for its adjustment. The gloss finish of this chair makes it more fascinating.


            The amazing Serta chair can be placed whether at home or at your workplace. The quality components are placed in this chair to make it more durable and workable for longer.

Posture correcting technology

            This is really a great chair to sit in your office because it is loaded with motion active seating technology which keeps you in the right position. In this way, you will not get tired by sitting on it for long.


8. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair, Black

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair, Black



If we talk about swivel chairs, then this is the best among all. The great back angle adjustment feature of this chair makes it comfortable to sit in. its tilt is greatly adjustable and contains different locking positions as well. So you can set it as per your need and desire.

It has a good-looking design and contains airy or mesh back. The seat cushion are made with high-quality and premium fabric upholstery which will help you to get relief for having pressure on legs.


9. GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Chrome Base with Headrest, White

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Chrome Base with Headrest, White


One of the greatest white office chair which has a great, unique and modern design. The high-quality leather is used in the formation of this amazing chair. It is one of the greatest chair of all the times which has a head rest as well. It will not let your feel tired because the amazing back and seat cushion is of best quality.

The lumbar support system is of best quality and it has height adjustable backrest as well.


10. Eurotech Seating Ergohuman ME8ERGLO(N) Mid Back Mesh Swivel Chair, Black

Eurotech Seating Ergohuman ME8ERGLO(N) Mid Back Mesh Swivel Chair, Black


The amazing chair contains 3 position tilt lock adjustment by the help of which you can set it as per your requirement. The best thing about this chair is that it has Pneumatic cylinder which allows it to raise and get lowered in a quick manner.

The back cushion and headrest are of great quality which will let you to sit on it with complete comfort. It has airy or mesh style back which remains you cool all the time.


On this platform, we have managed to provide the best and high-quality office chairs which are in great demand. All of them are uniquely designed and manufactured with great and reliable materials. These top 10 best office chairs enables comfort by the help of ergonomic designs. All the important details of features and specifications are embedded. Select the best and desired one for your office.

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