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Best Gaming Mouse Under 50


best razer gaming mouse

Razer are on the pinnacle in their game in the gaming peripheral global, they almost have ‘cult status’ amongst game enthusiasts. The triple headed snake trademark is one of the maximum diagnosed logos inside the esports and extreme gaming groups.

What’s extra?

Razer has offered over 13.5 million linked gadgets and has over eleven.five million registered users. And for suitable cause – the goods are virtually flawless.

besides, sufficient about the logo, let’s get lower back to the product.

This gaming mouse is one we’ve endured the use of. In a nutshell, it’s extremely good for huge fingers, monitoring feels accurate and it’s attractive looking.



to begin with, his has been typically designed for right handed users, so lefties may also need to don’t forget the ambidextrous choose on this listing.

We’ve used this mouse the maximum as it’s the most modern Razer gaming mouse, we’re talking over a hundred+ hours and it’s miles super secure.

You’re no longer going to get repetitive pressure harm (RSI) with this baby, but in any event, we continually recommend you to shop for a wrist relaxation gel cushion.


For the minimalist gamer, this mouse has an appealing blue hue which pulses inside and out. The appealing blue glow is at the mouse emblem, showing off the distinguished Razer logo.

for my part, we loved it. It’s subtle and no longer over-the-pinnacle like a few different unicorn coloured gaming peripherals.

light-weight FIBER CABLE

sure, this one is stressed out. if you’re an excessive gamer – you will seek out a wired mouse vs wi-fi.

in the center of a teamfight, there’s nothing worse than dropping connection because your mouse battery runs out.

anyway, it’s 7-foot lengthy which must be sufficient to reach any rig!


this is the more recent model of the alternative DeathAdder at the listing. It also comes packed with more capabilities which includes the facet mouse buttons (ahead & returned).

It has a smooth feel and the grip doesn’t have as tons as friction as other picks in this listing. consequently if excellent grip is one of your definite criteria, this one won’t be for you.

also, we didn’t feel the need for DPI switching in any respect, but if you require this some other Razer version can be extra suitable.

other than that, this gaming mouse has all the functions – ergonomic design, fast reaction time, lightweight and highly accurate.


best motospeed gaming mouse

in case you’re on a finances and seeking out something funky searching, meet Motospeed. primarily based in China and based in 2008, these men are exceptionally new but their products are top notch value for cash.

some gamers are subtle and a few gamers like all of the colorings of the rainbow on their rig. if you’re the latter, the V30 is for you.

In summary, it’s appealing looking, the construct first-rate feels precise (not plasticky) and there’s an adjustable DPI key.

What’s more?

The antiskid leather texture design got here in on hand in CS:cross and primary man or woman shooters in fashionable, in which distinctly accurate mouse motion is essential.



We in my view don’t feel the want for DPI switching on a first rate gaming mouse. but a few game enthusiasts view it as critical.


On the perimeters (flanks) of the mouse there is extra grip. And the mouse has been designed with an antiskid leather texture design.

What does this suggest?

within the warmness of war, in that cut up 2d where you’re lining up the move-hairs – you’re going to be the hunter. no longer the hunted.

We loved the texture of this mouse, and once more, it’s super price for money. If price range is your primary challenge.


Motospeed, the underdog here has come out with a especially high exceptional addition to our listing.

one of the best functions turned into the enormously accurate feel as it has 3500 DPI decision and a gaming grade scroll wheel. The scroll wheel came in available when speedy switching to knife kills in CS:go.

encouraged for the budget conscious gamer.


best razer gaming mouse under 50

Razer invest a bucket load of cash into their research and improvement for pointing devices.

in the end, you’ve got top rate merchandise like those. And it’s quality so one can have that self assurance in any such pointing tool.

This Razer stressed out gaming mouse is geared toward a distinctive type of gamer. The left-surpassed gamer.

…Or game enthusiasts who need the selection (ambidextrous).



With fast-fireplace tactile switches beneath the Abyssus’ three button setup – you’ll usually have the aggressive area for pace and choice making in any gaming situation.

What’s extra?

those switches boast a lifespan of over five million clicks. We don’t recognize many video games of PUBG that is, but we’re questioning it’s inside the lots.


correctly translate your every motion in whatever recreation you play with the 3500 DPI optical sensor.

As Razer positioned it, “definitely perform as rapid as your reflexes”.


while we examined this one we in reality felt on top of things.

It’s something we take as a right whilst gaming but you it virtually allows the carry-offs and fast swipes required in gaming conditions.


In a nutshell, if you want an excellent mouse this is extremely light-weight, comfy and matches your setup’s shade scheme then this mouse might be the proper one for you.

further, in case you are simply getting commenced in gaming with a mouse and are on a finances, then this one might not be a horrific place to begin.

in case you need a mouse that has full RGB, greater buttons and a chunk more hefty then we’d advocate our last choose at the listing. For our lefties, we would suggest this because the great gaming mouse beneath 50.


Best Gaming Mouse Under 50 1

The DeathAdder is Razer’s flagship product. We’ve already stated the more moderen version and that is the conventional one.

in case you’re sticking to a strict price range, this could the proper one for you.

We did a piece of studies into Razer’s DeathAdder model and how it features emblem-new Omron mechanical mouse switches. Now, right here’s the thrilling part.

The business enterprise says each DeathAdder mouse has been tested to 50 million clicks.

most different producers check to twenty million clicks. This blew our mind!

Razer is going the extra mile to beautify the average gamer’s experience.


Some features we would call out:

  • 1800DPI Razer 3G infrared sensor
  • Right-hand ergonomic design
  • 3 independently programmable high-speed response button
  • Enable Razer Synapse 2.0 cloud driver


in the end, if you’re on a budget and want a top rate branded mouse with a splendid severe grip – this is the one for you.

It’s easy to use, the glowing backlit emblem seems superb and it’s first rate cost.


best gaming mouse under 50 xiaomi

Xiaomi, quality known for its strong hand in smartphones also has a department which offers us first rate pointing gadgets like these.

without a doubt, they’ve genuinely stepped their recreation up inside the consumer electronics marketplace aimed toward gamers. In July 2018 they released a new gaming mouse, the Y270 Lite. if you have extra budget, we’d distinctly suggest this beast – we’ve had the honor of checking out this and decided to maintain it.

but this one is extraordinary in case you’re on a budget.

one of the satisfactory elements is..

you could choose whether its wired or wireless, appealing to each ends of the gaming spectrum.



We’ve stated this, it comes with a separate USB-C cable to provide gamers the choice. we love this versatility.


while this mouse is in your hand, it simply feels right.

It’s extraordinary at ease and the 2 rubber aspects add the suitable amount of friction. Which of path substantially enhances the grip.


one of the exceptional functions is the customizable keys.


that is definitively nice Gaming Mouse under 50 we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing.

And guess what, we decided to hold this one for every day use.

It clicks quietly and plays extraordinarily nicely. DPI manipulate is wonderful. twin mode is first rate and also you don’t should worry about buying batteries any extra. The fabric is such that it doesn’t depart sweaty prints at the mouse and clicking is extraordinarily quiet.

one of the few faults we should find turned into the software program is still in chinese but we’re positive in an effort to trade in the future. high-quality all-spherical gaming mouse.

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